Corporate Gifts

Strong relationships smooth the flow of business. Two of the strongest relationship builders are the unexpected display of gratitude and recognition of individual achievement.

What better way to remind clients, customers, suppliers, associates and friends of their importance to you than surprise them with a personal message coupled with the taste sensations of toffee?

Or you could celebrate a special holiday or create a memorable impression at an event by providing the classic flavor of english toffee.

English Toffee Anytime makes your business gift giving a simple process. Corporate gifts come in many different sizes and many different packaging options. We work closely with you to create the perfect harmony of message and packaging to stay within your budget. You may include your business card at no additional cost.

To review pricing options and arrange for your custom order, please contact us by calling toll free 1-877-887-4978 or emailing us at

Some Corporate Clients

Red Olive®, a Utah Web Design Firm that designs, develops, and optimizes web sites, provides 'Life's Essential Indulgence' in the office for both their staff and their clients. There are those who believe that the flow of ideas improves in quantity and quality with the addition of toffee from English Toffee Anytime. (

On The Dot Scoping, a service specializing in editing court transcripts, approached English Toffee Anytime with a list of business clients located across the United States. English Toffee Anytime recommended toffee gifts proportioned to match each client's significance, created custom gift cards and arranged economical shipping service for delivering the English toffee gifts to those clients. (

English Toffee Anytime has worked for the last two years with Northbridge Marketing of Cleveland, Ohio, a firm that is focused on bringing new products from invention to market introduction, to create custom packaged holiday confections which the Northbridge CEO hand delivers to each of Northbirdge’s valued business partners. (

IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier plumbing and mechanical product certification agency, was seeking a way to express client appreciation that would be readily recognized as a genuine expression of a valued relationship and would be easy to manage. English Toffee Anytime proposed a combination of packaged English toffee, custom printed and individually addressed message cards, and shipments to match dates established by IAPMO R&T. Clients' names, addresses and shipment dates are now sent to English Toffee Anytime by e-mail and the appreciation gifts are delivered within 2 to 3 business days. IAPMO R&T now also orders English toffee for events at their headquarters. (

University of Utah Health Care, a health campus recognized as one of "America's Best Hospitals" for the 13th year, has relied for many years on the services provided by English Toffee Anytime to meet monthly requests for recognition gifts that are sent to those who make contributions to medical research. English Toffee Anytime carefully fills custom made boxes with English toffee, adds a custom printed message card and arranges speedy shipping for each gift. (

LJ Cooper Capital Management, a comprehensive financial services firm, uses gifts of English toffee supplied by English Toffee Anytime to celebrate, recognize and encourage their clients in a variety of life's significant events. Gifts are ordered by e-mails and by phone calls and then are shipped directly to the client's home and typically include a folded note card with the LJ Cooper logo a personal message. (